In our busy life schedule, we never get time to take care of our self. We eat random things and need to take a balanced diet. Exercise is something which is very important to our body, and we must make sure that we always need to do exercises no matter how busy we are with life.

Working out everyday refreshes you and makes you feel very fresh. Your heart pumps out better blood to your other parts of the body, and you feel a lot healthier.

Long-Distance Running

Running is a kind of exercise. For most of us, exercises may be a burden; we do not like doing exercises as it requires moving your body and burning out calories.

But for others running can be a hobby. Some of them run for fun, while others may run with a passion and some may run because they are conscious about their health.

Some runners are short sprinters while others are long-distance runners. There are many marathons conducted by many organizations today to bring awareness to people. Long distance runners have dedicated runners, and they require days of practice and the stamina to reach their destination.

The following are some of the benefits and risks of long-distance running:

  • Dedication.
  • Health Benefits.
  • Awareness.


Long distance running requires dedication and practice. You cannot just get up one day and stary running for a long distance. Your body will not be able to cope-up with your mind to complete the race.

To run a marathon, you need to train your body.

It requires the discipline of running every day and training your body to get used to the amount of energy it needs to spend while running. You also need to build up your stamina, which again does not come in just a day. Stamina is developed with hours of continuous running and practice.

Health Benefits:

When you run for a longer distance your heart rate becomes faster; more blood gets pumped into your body to supply the energy for your body when you are running. Running burns all your body fat and makes you fit. Cardio is one of the best things to do if you are planning to reduce some weight.

But you must be careful if you happen to have any other diseases then you must make sure that running long distance does not affect you in any possible way. There were many incidents where people have had heart attacks while running a marathon, so if you are a person who has had an attack recently then it is not advisable to run for longer distance.


Most big organizations arrange a marathon for some awareness. The people who see other people running for a cause get familiar with the reason why these people are running a marathon.

However, I usually do not find the point in running to bring awareness. For example, if a marathon is conducted to bring awareness about cancer, in today’s world many people are already aware of cancer and they have the internet to check for the other details. I don’t find a reason why you need to run for a long distance to bring awareness to people.