Nike is undoubtedly the best footwear brand in the world. The brand is globally renowned and is particularly loved by sports people.

Though there are a lot of close competitors such as Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and Jordan in the market, Nike has always managed to grab the topmost position in the market as well as in the hearts of the people. This is because of its long-lasting quality and the way it complements the movement of the athlete.

So let us get a little more specific. Here are some of the best reasons why people choose Nike over other brands:

Unbelievably lighter!

If you are an ardent fan of Nike and you must probably remember how Nike began. They came out with waffles that were made of iron, but see where they have come today. They make the lightest shoes in the market.

Yes, that is true. You will have to either trust us or check it out for yourself. Nike shoes sport heavy designs that they look hard and heavy, but the reality is different.

In a market that is dominated by the consumer, a brand can survive only if the consumers deem the brand fit.

It has always been dynamic

In a market that is dominated by the consumer, a brand can survive only if the consumers deem the brand fit. The taste and preferences of the consumer keep changing, and the brand has to be dynamic enough to adapt the changes in the market. They have to understand the changing demands of the consumer and work according. It is what Nike has been doing since its launch in the year 1964. Why would customers not love the brand?

Sports person’s choice:

The preferences and demands of the users are unique, but the variations between their tastes are very slim, especially if you are a sportsperson. It is understandable that a brand cannot manufacture shoes that match every such demand and sell products. Is this what you think? If yes, Nike has proved us wrong.

There is a long list of shoes that Nike manufactures, and each of them has only minute variations, and all of these items are best sellers. Hope now you are getting our point.


This is one common reason why consumers stick to specific brands and never get away from them, and it is the Goodwill that the product has earned across the world.

The quality of the product, its dynamism and versatility have given Nike a bunch of loyal consumers who endorse the brand in turn. A good wine needs no bush!

Demonstration Effect:

It is going to highly offensive and unpardonable if my neighbor has got something good and did not have it yet. This is what happens with Nike products most of the times. I bought Nike because my neighbor had one and a few of my friends chose Nike over other brands because I had one.

Now you see how demonstration effect works? It is a vicious circle, and this is one of the ways in which good brands like Nike trap a large number of consumers.

Some of the best Nike products that are fit for running: