There are so many ways to work out and stay in shape. You can go to the gym, hop on an exercise bike for a workout, swim at your local pool, or run in the great outdoors. Today we will focus on running and a particular running program.

Some people seem to enjoy running, while others can’t think of anything worse. But wouldn’t it be great if you could perform cardio, boost your endurance, and still get stronger?

That’s what Joe LoGalbo claims you can do. He designed the Anabolic Running program, and it is this very program we’re going to inspect here.

What is Anabolic Running Program?

Anabolic Running program was created by Joe LoGalbo, a USA fitness instructor and personal trainer. This program targets primarily men who wish to boost their muscular mass, improve their health and fitness, and improve their sexual health while doing so.

Using this program, men can increase testosterone levels, build muscle, tone their bodies, and get fitter. The program includes 25 pages.

How does it work?

Obviously, this system isn’t just dropped from the sky. It is supported by some scientific evidence, and it highlights the science connected to anabolic training.

It all comes down to hormones: testosterone, Nitric Oxide, and HGH. These hormones help us to enhance physical fitness, athletic performance, and muscle mass.

Through short, intense exercises, the program moves away from long and tedious cardio workouts and places men in anabolic environments.

The program discusses the downsides of regular running and emphasizes the importance of anabolic running. There is even a section entitled ‘secret libido-boosting cocktail,’ which explains how men can boost their libidos to have a healthy sexual life.

The program consists of the following components:

• Main anabolic running program
• Shock and awe strength bonus
• Testosterone hacker handbook bonus
• Indoor anabolic running bonus

How did it meet our expectations?

Anabolic Running fascinated us in several ways, among them:

• Backed by science
• Easy-to-follow advice
• Well put together
• Helps build muscle while burning fat
• Plenty of bonus material
• Tried and tested advice

Were there any things we didn’t like?

Although this program is fine, a few things could be improved, like most things in life. Among them are:

• Can sound a bit too ‘salesy’ and generic
• Not recommended for those suffering from joint pains or trouble running

Closing Thoughts

Before starting any fitness program, please use common sense, listen to your body, and, if needed, consult a doctor before starting.

The Anabolic Running program appears to be getting a lot of positive feedback from men of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and it seems to work well so far.

It sounds a little too ‘salesy’ at times (with terms like ancient tribal techniques), but overall it is a solid program that is well-written and put together.

We give it 4 out of 5.

One more thing to note is the price. You can get the Anabolic Running Program at a discounted price of $15.